Montreal Gazette Letter

Joel Lion, Israel’s Consul-General in Montreal, wrote an op-ed in the Montreal Gazette detailing the virtuous lengths Israel goes to in order to avoid civilian casualties in its unrelenting bombardment of the Gaza Strip. At the urging of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, I submitted a short letter to the editor in response, which the Gazette was kind enough to publish on its website. Please click here to read my letter. It is succinct and — let us say — snippy.

3 thoughts on “Montreal Gazette Letter

  1. So glad you are covering this issue too……..   so much BULLSHIT!!!    the idiocy of it all pisses me off..    


  2. ahhh.. and isn’t it refreshing to be able to experience the beauty of song and poetry amidst the madness.    Leonard is such a thing of beauty..    xo


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