Globe and Mail Letter

Today’s Globe and Mail contains a letter to the editor from yours truly (second from the bottom) in response to an op-ed criticizing those who take offence at J.K. Rowling’s misguided views on trans people. I discuss one of my pet peeves in the current “free speech” wars — namely, the conflation of condemnation with censorship.


Short Story in ‘Trust & Treachery’

TrustandTreachery-lowresThis one’s a long time coming, folks.

A short story I wrote a while back — “Infinitas,” it’s called, about a group of shipwreck survivors who slowly lose touch with reality while trying to forge a new society aboard their life raft — is now available in an anthology of political fiction called Trust and Treachery: Tales of Power and Intrigue, published by Dark Quest Books. Please consider giving it a read.

Chimpanzee Literature

Author photoI appear to be becoming somewhat of a literary one-hit wonder (defining “hit” rather loosely, of course).

While most of my short stories continue to suffer delays and rejections (ain’t that the name of the game!), “The Assembly of Equals” has just received publication for a third time today — now in a lovely little e-zine called the Mad Scientist Journal. Please do give it a look-see if you have not done so already.

And fret not, politicos, for this fictional piece about a primatologist who forms a democratic assembly with the group of chimpanzees she is studying, and the difficulties she encounters along the way, features no shortage of satirical political commentary.

Short Story in Zouch

Sulky chimpanzeePlease see the fiction section of Zouch Magazine & Miscellany, an online Canadian source of literature and commentary, for a short story I wrote called “The Assembly of Equals.”  Originally published last year in The Montreal Review, this epistolary piece is about an idealistic primatologist who creates a democratic assembly composed entirely of chimpanzees.  Hilarity and poop-throwing ensue.